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Business Law in Missouri

Initiating a new business venture is an exciting endeavor, and taking care to select the most advantageous structures for your business is imperative. When it comes to business law, today’s business owners are often confronted with issues such as appropriate choice of entity, employment matters, state and federal filings, and real estate considerations. At LifeGen Law Group, a Springfield business attorney can assist clients in a variety of ways, from implementing the founder’s vision of the business to the orderly succession of ownership. Working with an experienced LifeGen Law Group ensures you’ll receive shrewd counsel at every critical turn, increasing the likelihood of your business’ success long into its future.

Entity Formation

The first step to building a successful business is the formation of the proper entity. A Springfield business attorney from LifeGen Law Group can help ensure the first step is a step in the right direction. The choice of what entity to use for your business should be made with careful consideration of many factors, including, but not necessarily limited to, taxes (federal, state, and local), number of partners, potential liability, nature of the business, and many other factors. Our experience in business law allows us to identify potential issues prior to them arising, allowing you to have plans in place to minimize their negative effects.

LifeGen Law Group provides you with a local Springfield business attorney connection and ongoing support to help you understand the fundamental components of each type of business entity and assist with identifying which would be the most advantageous for your business. Reviewing entities such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and nonprofits, we will leverage our cross-disciplinary experience in business and estate tax planning to make recommendations on the best approach for your particular business. We are also able to work closely with your accounting and tax professionals to develop strategies that have buy-in from your entire team.

Comprehensive Business Entity and Documentation Support

Determining the best and most tax-efficient entity for your business is only one critical step toward a successful business venture. Our representation also encompasses navigating a number of essential business documentation needs designed to set your new company up for long-term success. We work to protect your interests and your company’s assets so any future dealings inspire confidence. Some of our additional business services include:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • By-laws
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Articles of Organization for a Missouri LLC
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • LLC Member Control Agreement
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Tax registration
  • EIN or TAX ID number registration

Ongoing Representation with a Trusted Business Lawyer

LifeGen Law Group is available to assist you with ongoing legal representation once your business is up and running. As companies grow and earnings continuously expand, there are a variety of tools that can ensure your business is protected and poised for continued viability and financial success. Because our dedicated lawyers have extensive experience advising small, mid-sized, and large companies across the business, estate planning, and tax planning sectors, our counsel incorporates a full-service approach to any issues that may arise. As your local Springfield business lawyer, we can make recommendations on what your business might need at every stage of growth.

We offer a range of additional services to business clients, including:

  • Creating and Reviewing Contracts: We review and draft commercial agreements on behalf of our clients, including partnership agreements, indemnity agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, property and equipment leases, and more.
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners: Our firm is particularly skilled at handling companies’ estate planning and succession plans, ensuring that the business owner considers the most advantageous approach for minimizing taxes upon the company’s transfer.
  • Counseling When Buying or Selling a Business: Companies exploring mergers and acquisitions or attractive purchase offers can benefit from our Springfield business attorneys’ counsel in negotiating and structuring the deal. Our representation includes formulating the most advantageous approach for minimizing tax obligations at closing.

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning helps ensure the survival and growth of the business, preserves family harmony, minimizes taxes, keeps the business in the “right” hands, and facilitates retirement. This planning is vital for any business, providing proper safeguards that provide the owner/partner a proper exit strategy (in the event of sale, retirement, or death) and ensuring the business continues to thrive. Proper succession planning can make certain the owner/partner, or his or her family is properly compensated for the owner’s/partner’s contributions to the business without putting major constraints on the ongoing success of the business.

Many competing interests are at stake in any business succession plan. Balancing the goals of the owners, the buyers or transferees, and the business can be difficult. It is important to have an unbiased party help manage these competing interests while ensuring everyone is fairly compensated throughout the process. A variety of options are available to provide viable solutions in most cases.

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