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Category: Elder Care

Do You Need a Branson Elder Lawyer?

March 18, 2022
As people become older, there are certain things that require planning now to make sure the road ahead stays smooth. This is particularly so when it comes to your finances or your health care.  For example, while you’re in...

Five Strategies to Pay for Eldercare

May 28, 2021
Most people will require eldercare at some point in their life, but unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of this long-term care. If you think you might eventually reach an age where living on your own will become...

7 Tips to Plan for Long-Term Elder Care

February 12, 2021
Planning for the unknown is a crucial component of any elder plan, and unfortunately, the need for long-term care can be a costly yet necessary expenditure for many aging Americans. Working with a Springfield long-term care...

Women Live Longer than Men but Not Healthier

August 19, 2016
A new study reveals that women can still expect to live longer than men on average; however, women suffer from more disabilities in those extra years. For some time, estate planning for older married couples has been based in...

Taking Mom and Dad to Work

February 22, 2016
Millions of working Americans act as caregivers for their elderly parents. Will companies start to offer onsite elder care centers where employees can drop off their parents while the employees are working? For large...