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Category: Elder Law

How to Spot Undue Influence

April 14, 2023
The purpose of estate planning is to ensure that a person’s wishes are carried out exactly as they would have intended in the event of their death or incapacitation. Estate planning can only serve that purpose, however, if...

Do You Need a Branson Elder Lawyer?

March 18, 2022
As people become older, there are certain things that require planning now to make sure the road ahead stays smooth. This is particularly so when it comes to your finances or your health care.  For example, while you’re in...

How to Handle a Serious Unexpected Illness

March 31, 2021
If you’re a fan of the HBO series Succession, then you know that a serious and unexpected illness that leaves you incapacitated can spell big trouble for your family, particularly if you’re a high net worth individual....