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Category: Elder Law

New Law Makes Big Changes to Retirement Plans

December 20, 2019

Congress has passed a spending bill that contains major changes to retirement plans. The bipartisan legislation is designed to provide more incentives to save for retirement, but it may require workers to rethink some of...

Taking Mom and Dad to Work

February 22, 2016
Millions of working Americans act as caregivers for their elderly parents. Will companies start to offer onsite elder care centers where employees can drop off their parents while the employees are working? For large...

Affording 100 Years of Life

February 7, 2016
The number of Americans living to see their 100th birthday is on the rise. It is not easy to pay for that many years of retirement.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of Americans...

Planning for Long Term Care

March 8, 2014
Few of us like to think about getting older. We don’t want to admit we may need help getting around in 40, 20, or even 10 years. We don’t like to think about how our health in our senior years could affect our...

Paying for a Nursing Home

January 9, 2014
Did you know that the average cost of one year in a nursing home is $83,000? That’s nearly $7,000 a month! Paying for a nursing home can be very difficult, especially if your long-term care insurance is cost-prohibitive...