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Do You Need to Register a Fictitious Name?

August 17, 2022

Fictitious name registration is required in Missouri any time someone runs a business under a name that’s not their true name. You may know of this as a DBA, or “doing business as.”  More specifically, registration of a fictitious name is required under Section 417.200 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. It’s important that you proceed with this registration if you’re transacting business in the state under another name because failure to register a fictitious name is a misdemeanor. 

How to Register a Fictitious Name in Missouri

You can register a fictitious name in any of the following ways:

Online registration. You can register a fictitious name online through the Missouri Secretary of State’s Business Registration Online Portal. You will need to create an account to register online through the portal.

Registration by mail. To register by mail, go to the Registration of Fictitious Name form online. The form is a PDF form that you can fill out online. Once you’ve completed the form, print it out, sign it, and mail it along with the required fee to any Corporations Division branch offices.

Registration in person. You can also register in person. As with the mail-in registration, fill out and print the Registration of Fictitious Name form. Note that the Missouri Secretary of State advises people to call ahead if going to a branch office to make sure that they will be able to file your form there.

When to Renew Your Fictitious Name

Once you’ve registered your fictitious name, the registration is good for a period of five years. You can renew your registration after this time as long as it’s within six months of your registration’s expiry date.

If you don’t renew your registration within this six-month period, you will need to file a new registration of your fictitious name.

Changes to Your Registration of Fictitious Name

There are certain changes you can make to your fictitious name registration and certain changes you can’t make:

Business address and/or owner’s address. If you need to change either your business’s address or your address, you can do so either when you renew your fictitious name registration or by filing an Amendment of a Fictitious Name form. 

Minor error correction. You can also correct minor errors such as misspellings or typos on a recently filed fictitious name registration. 

Business name or owner’s name. No other changes to a fictitious name registration are permitted, including changes to the business name or a change in ownership. If you need to make such changes, you need to cancel your registration and file a new registration. 

Cancellation of Your Fictitious Name Registration

If you don’t need your fictitious name registration anymore or you need to cancel because you’re changing your business name or the ownership name, you can cancel your registration for no charge by going to the online Cancellation of Registration of Fictitious Name form and filling it out. Once completed, print it out and sign and mail it in. 

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