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Should You Take Social Security at 67?

April 29, 2016
One of the most important decisions that seniors make is when to start taking Social Security benefits. The full retirement age for most people is 67, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone should wait to...

Be Wary of Living Trust Scams

April 27, 2016
Many seniors in the U.S. fall victim to living trust scammers who scare and intimidate their victims into purchasing worthless, unnecessary trusts. Seniors need to know what to look out for to avoid being victims. Going...

Fixing Backlog of Medicare Appeals Costly

April 12, 2016
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a bill to fix the backlog in Medicare appeals could cost $1.7 billion. The Audit & Appeals Fairness, Integrity, and Reforms in Medicare Act is a bipartisan effort in the...

Worry in Detroit over Lions’ Succession Plan

April 8, 2016
The Detroit Lions say that there is a succession plan in place for when the current owner passes away. They are not saying what that plan is, which might cause some concern for the NFL. Like other professional sports leagues...

Dispute over Family Trust Turns Deadly

April 4, 2016
Law enforcement authorities believe that a long simmering battle over a family trust was the root cause of a double homicide and the subsequent suicide of the suspect. Raymond Giehl III became concerned when his wife sent him...

Medicare Eligibility Requirements

March 31, 2016
Some people are automatically enrolled in Medicare and this can lead those not enrolled automatically to believe they are not eligible. This is often not the case. People are often confused by the rules for Medicare...