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Why You Need a Springfield Estate Planning Attorney to Help You Create an Appropriate Plan for You and Your Family

June 30, 2020

A will is a legal document that specifies how an individual wants to leave his or her property upon passing. If an individual passes away without a will, his or her property would be distributed according to Missouri’s intestate succession laws.

You may be thinking that creating a will is easy enough to do on your own. In fact, in Missouri, you do not need an attorney to write your will. But is a will enough? Our Springfield estate planning attorney suggests that all individuals need to look beyond a simple will and consider creating a complete estate plan.

What Does a Will and Estate Plan Entail?

To create a will, you must be at least 18 years old and mentally competent. You must also write down how you want to leave and distribute your property when you die, sign your will in front of two witnesses and have those witnesses sign your will. You do not need to notarize your will to make it legal and valid, though if you do, your will becomes “self-proving,” which can speed up the probate process. If the way you want to distribute your property after you die is simple and straightforward, then writing your own will is a decent option.

So yes, you are able to write your will without the aid of an attorney, but should you do so is another matter. While there are many online services that you can use to draft your own will, there are no guarantees that your final document will be free from error or mistakes. If your situation involves complex, unusual or significant assets, working with an attorney experienced in estate planning can help you avoid confusion, fights, mistakes or ambiguities in your will and avoid having your will invalidated. Working with an attorney will also help ensure that you have considered all possible estate planning options, such as trusts and other estate tools that may be available to you based on your situation.

Consider Creating a Complete Estate Plan

Having a skilled Springfield estate planning attorney by your side to help you create a complete estate plan can help you avoid potential problems and additional costs for your family and heirs upon your passing. It also means that you will have the experience and know-how of an estate attorney to guide you through the complex work of drafting a thorough will and/or establishing a valid trust that accounts for all your heirs, property and estate. Working with an attorney ensures that all estate-related documents comply with Missouri law, provides tax advantages for your heirs and will be customized for your specific wants and needs. It also means a more robust document in the event someone tries to contest your will.

Working with an experienced lawyer also means that you will receive estate planning guidance based on your individual needs and desires that may lead to you not even needing a will at all, but rather the potential for creating living trusts that may prove to be much more beneficial in the long run.

Writing a will and creating an estate plan, in general, are important processes. While some are hesitant to hire an attorney for estate planning, the costs are minimal compared to what the estate is worth or even what you may pay in court fees, if someone contests your will.

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