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Category: Estate Planning

Common Estate Planning Myths Debunked

January 31, 2023
Probate law and estate planning are complex concepts. While many people may think they understand how estate planning works, it is far more nuanced than most realize. Estate planning — similar to life insurance — is one...

The Rights of Accidentally Omitted Heirs

December 16, 2022
Life can change quickly. Changes such as marriages and births can result in estate plans becoming outdated and failing to take into account the presence (or absence) of certain heirs, including spouses and children. So what...

Is an Estate Plan Better Than a Will?

November 30, 2021
Most people know what a Will is, but the concept of an estate plan is a little less well known. Do you need an estate plan rather than a Will? A Will is actually just one of the components of a comprehensive estate plan....