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Category: Estate Planning

Is Your Estate Plan Up to Date?

March 31, 2020
Times are changing. The world is changing. Given the current events and what may be considered our “new normal,” we understand that individuals and families may be re-evaluating everything from retirement plans to routine...

Estate Planning Tools for Seniors

February 28, 2020
Far too many people have no estate plan in place at all, and many of those who have made plans for their future have made only a simple last will and testament and not gone any further in the estate planning process. While...

Postnuptial Agreements for Estate Planning

August 9, 2016
Americans are familiar with prenuptial agreements that detail how a couple's property will be divided in the event of a divorce or death. In most states spouses can reach similar agreements after they get married. The...

Cryogenics Takes a Step Forward

March 6, 2016
The idea of freezing a person's brain and bringing it back to life years in the future, when science is advanced enough to do so, has long fascinated science fiction fans and even led to some people having their heads...

Lessons in the Redstone Saga

March 5, 2016
The family life and drama of Sumner Redstone is currently being played out in the media and on Wall Street. It is not the first time that a self-made billionaire's personal life has made the news and harmed his business...

Tax Time Can Also Be Estate Planning Time

February 27, 2016
One of the best times to review your estate plan or to get one, if you do not already have one, is when you are doing your yearly taxes. Even if you have the assistance of an accountant, filing your income tax return can be a...